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AI Assessment & Roadmap


Welcome to Pāua Interface's AI Assessment & Roadmap.


Enhance your organisation's AI (artificial Intelligence) capabilities, position, and business alignment with our AI Assessment & Roadmap.

AI activity in your organisation requires a multidisciplinary approach, combining expertise in technology, ethics, law, and social sciences. It's an ongoing process that evolves with advancements in AI technology, and changes in societal norms and regulations.


What it is


AI Assessment & Roadmap refers to the practices and technologies that ensure that:

  • Your staff use AI in their work safely, ethically, and effectively within intended boundaries, and / or ...

  • Your AI systems operate safely, ethically, and effectively within intended boundaries.

  • You have a forward plan that reinforces your business and practices. 


Our AI Assessment & Roadmap is designed to optimise the opportunities, and prevent or mitigate risks associated with AI deployment, including bias, privacy breaches, ethical concerns, and unintended consequences.

Our AI Assessment & Roadmap is tailored for your organisation and includes:


  • Ethics and principles

  • Bias detection and mitigation

  • Transparency and explainability

  • IP and privacy protection

  • Security measures

  • Compliance with regulations and standards

  • Human oversight

  • Robustness and reliability

  • Impact assessment

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Benchmarking and performance

Who it is for

Pāua Interface's AI Assessment & Roadmap is tailored for organisations and their leaders seeking to:

  • Assess the status of their in-house AI capabilities and position.

  • Identify risk, priorities, and opportunities for improvement.

  • Measure the value of AI in their organisation or business area.

Why use this service

  • Get valuable insights into your organisation's current AI capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

  • Help to inform strategic decision-making and investments in AI systems and resources.


  • Empower your leaders and teams to advance your organisation's AI maturity.

  • Get a roadmap for enhancing your organisation's AI capabilities, aligning AI initiatives with business objectives, and fostering an AI-savvy culture.


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