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Stats NZ  |  Tatauranga Aotearoa

​This government agency safeguards New Zealand's significant and official data holdings.


With time critical decisions coming up amidst an evolving cloud first policy, and stringent security requirements, Stats NZ asked Pāua Interface for a technical and cloud assessment, action plan, and roadmap that would be approved by its senior leadership team.

In addition, jurisdiction risks and issues when using overseas companies to store and analyse data were not well-understood. Pāua Interface undertook a legal/tech risk analysis to ensure a there could be an acceptable balance between any constraints and opportunities.

The Pāua Interface senior team engaged with leaders, teams and stakeholders and delivered a solution that was approved by StatsNZ's Senior Leadership Team. Implementation of the plan began immediately.

Stats NZ

State of the Sector reports.
Toi Hangarau | Digital Review Asia-Pacific

The Pāua Interface State of the Sector reports are industry-led, data-driven, include research and analysis, and are peer reviewed by recognised subject matter experts and reference groups.


We design the methodology, data collection, analysis and reports for the strongest, evidenced based research possible.

Pāua Interface adhere to data sovereignty principles and operations in consultation with our clients and their stakeholders.


Our most recent report, Toi Hangarau is the first data-driven annual report on 72 Māori-owned tech companies and included deep dives into founder experiences and what makes their companies successful and sustainable. Released in Feb '23, this report is free to everyone.


The result was a report that was quoted by government Ministers, senior government agencies, and other organisations in the tech sector that considered the report ground-breaking.


The next Toi Hangarau report is in progress and due in Q2, 2024.


An energy innovator state of the sector report is in progress now and is expected to be published in Q2, 2024.

Toi Hangarau: A Report on Maori-owned technology companies 2023

Tū Ātea: Māori spectrum and telecommunications service.

Tū Ātea Ltd is a new entrant in the 'telco' space with significant spectrum holdings and assets, and owner of well-respected company BroadTech.


Pāua Interface has worked with Tū Ātea  (previously Interim Maori Spectrum Commission) for around five years beginning as a gifted project and later as a contracted advisor, supporting its spectrum negotiations and legislation pathways – and is now leading the development of the organisation's commercial and non-commercial overarching strategy, innovation and workforce (all inherently connected).

Pāua Interface also provides tech services for website build, update and management, domain name and domain user management, subscription management, registered members subscription, and email campaigns management.

Tū Ātea    Interim Maori Spectrum Commission

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