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Mahi Tūao

Our gifted projects

Our Mahi Tūao projects are gifted to people and communities. We use our time, generous networks, and profits to give forward. If you are an organisation that can support us to support others, we offer ways in which you can get involved below.

Here is a selection of our favourite Mahi Tūao Gifted Projects.

Incredible Skies

CAA certified professional Māori drone pilots for worksites, 2020-2021

What we did

Pāua Interface initiated the project, secured contracts and funds, and assembling partners for a hybrid online and in-person course to train Māori individuals as CAA certified professional drone pilots (Part 102). The programme aimed to address the need for skilled professional drone operators in worksites where contracted services were either unaffordable, or required daily or urgent flights. With support from TPK covering 50% of the funds through our sister company Incredible Skies, Pāua Interface funded the remainder.


We successfully trained the inaugural cohort of CAA certified Māori professional drone pilots, also providing them with industry-standard drones for their workplaces – all accomplished amidst Auckland's covid-19 lockdowns.

Graduating in April 2021, these professional drone pilots are now conducting flight missions in their respective jobs safely and in compliance with regulations.

We received 100% positive feedback from participants.
However, the sustained onset of Covid-19 led to a severe reduction in public and philanthropic funds, hindering our ability to secure funds for future cohorts.

How you can help

We aim to raise $500,000 to support upcoming cadetship programmes, with incremental contributions welcomed – approximately $15,000 per cadet will cover CAA training, flight and use case training, workshops, certified trainers, industry-standard drones, and post-training support.

The overwhelming popularity of our initiative is evident from the 190 individuals requesting to be on our waiting list, prompting us to close further registrations until we can meet the demand. Your support is essential for us to continue running these courses, procure drones and equipment collectively, recruit certified trainers, and expand our network of CAA certified drone pilots nationwide.

Contact us now to find out more

Mitimiti on the Grid

More than just wifi! Bringing fibre, super fast broadband, and mobile cell connectivity to an unserved, isolated community, 2014-2023

What we did


Pāua Interface spearheaded a transformative initiative for the remote Mitimiti marae community in New Zealand's far north, where connectivity issues were non-existent or very poor. Through strategic planning, fundraising efforts, and assembling a virtual tech team, we tackled the challenges of poor connectivity, frequent power outages, and natural disasters.

By partnering with telecommunications companies, we facilitated the implementation of New Zealand's inaugural Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI) fibre connection in 2015. Our efforts included setting up a scalable software management system, designing network infrastructure, overseeing trenching and fibre installation, and empowering the community through technical training. Collaborations with Chorus, Vodafone, MyRepublic (now 2degrees), Internet NZ, and the Far North District Council provided crucial support in terms of funds, equipment, and expertise.


Our intervention brought digital empowerment and high-speed broadband to an isolated rural community, enabling them to host successful fundraising events like fishing competitions and mussel festivals. Businesses could now participate in these events through kiosks for food and beverages, online payments, and attracting more participants due to improved connectivity.

This project served as the catalyst for the nationwide Marae Connectivity programme, which has connected approximately 700 marae. Despite this success, Mitimiti remains disconnected from the subsequent funding and resources, highlighting the ongoing need for support.

How you can help

We aim to raise $1,200 annually, along with necessary equipment donations. Currently, the mobile connectivity aspect of our project is stalled due to the 'end of life' of the 3G femtocell. The community now relies solely on wifi, leaving them vulnerable during power outages.

Your support can ensure continuity by securing a 5G small cellular base station, generously donated and installed by a telecommunications partner. With fibre backhaul already in place, this solution offers a plug-and-play backup communication system, safeguarding the community against future disruptions.

Contact us now to find out more


Toi Hangarau

Māori-owned technology companies annual report, data-driven report from a Māori industry perspective, 2022-2024

What we did

Pāua Interface led an important initiative to fill a crucial gap in the tech industry: the lack of comprehensive, Māori-led data reporting on Māori-owned tech companies. We took the lead in creating New Zealand's first Māori tech industry report by Māori, for Māori, providing invaluable insights into founders' pathways and successes.

Our 2023 project identified 72 Māori companies, including 9 heavyweights with robust revenues, and conducted in-depth founder interviews. This data-driven approach offers a unique perspective, enabling stakeholders to learn from successful models and make informed decisions. With the 2024 project underway, and looking like north of 80 companies so far this year, our commitment to advancing Māori representation in the tech sector remains steadfast.

Acknowledging the importance of collaboration, we received support from sponsors including the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), who recognised the report's significance in shaping funding decisions and policy development.


The report is freely accessible to all, empowering stakeholders with valuable insights into the Māori tech landscape.


Visit to access the report.
The report garnered attention from senior government Ministers underscoring its relevance in shaping future policies and initiatives.

Māori tech sector stakeholders welcomed the report as a crucial tool for visibility and growth, advocating for its annual repetition to track sectoral progress.

With over 5,000 readers for the initial release, the report's evidence informs the Māori tech sector, funders and investors on strategic investment opportunities, while guiding founders on sector trends and workforce development.

How you can help


We aim to secure approximately $180,000 annually to sustain the report and continue to extend its reach and value. Your sponsorship, regardless of size, is invaluable in supporting our mission.


Join our sponsorship whānau and help us continue producing the Toi Hangarau reports annually, providing vital insights into the growth and impact of Māori-owned tech enterprises. Your support enables us to amplify Māori representation in the tech sector and foster sustainable economic growth.

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