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ICT Maturity Assessment

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Welcome to Pāua Interface's ICT Maturity Assessment.


Enhance your organisation's Information and Communications Technology state with our Cyber Security Maturity Assessment.


What it is


This independent assessment includes aspects related to your organisation's ICT infrastructure, processes, and capabilities. It includes:


  • Infrastructure

  • Security

  • Data management

  • IT service management

  • Digital Transformation Readiness

  • ICT Governance and Compliance

  • ICT Performance Measurement and Benchmarking

  • ICT Culture and Organisational Change


Who it is for

Pāua Interface's ICT Maturity Assessment is tailored for organisations and their leaders seeking to:

  • Assess the status of their ICT position.

  • Identify risk, priorities, and opprtunities for improvement.

Why use this service

  • Get valuable insights into your organisation's current ICT capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

  • Help to inform strategic decision-making and investments in ICT infrastructure and resources.


  • Empower your leaders and teams to advance your organisation's ICT maturity.

  • Take proactive step towards a robust ICT position.


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