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Māori Data Maturity Assessment


Welcome to Pāua Interface's Māori Data Maturity Assessment.


Enhance your organisation's Māori data capabilities and business alignment with our Māori Data Maturity Assessment.

We have years of experience working closely with government, NGO, and Māori organisations to help them apply Māori data and digital approaches for improved outcomes.

We can help your organisation move from a purely principles-based approach to practical implementation across your systems, policies, processes and people.


What it is


Our Māori advisors who are also ICT professionals provide an independent assessment that evaluates your organisation's Māori data governance and operational capabilities, processes, and infrastructure. It aims to understand the current level of effectiveness and acceptability in collecting and using Māori data and to identify areas for improvement.


It includes:


  • Māori data governance

  • Māori data operations (practical)

  • Māori stakeholder engagement and enablement

  • Māori data quality

  • Māori data management infrastructure

  • Māori data architecture and integration

  • Analytics and reporting

  • Māori data strategy and vision

  • Māori data privacy and security

  • Māori data literacy and skills

  • Staff professional development

  • Benchmarking and performance

Who it is for

Pāua Interface's Māori Data Maturity Assessment is for organisations and their leaders seeking to:

  • Assess the status of their in-house Māori data capabilities and position.

  • Identify risk, priorities, and opportunities for improvement.

  • Embed good practices that are supported by Māori stakeholders.

Why use this service

  • Get valuable insights into your organisation's current Māori data capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

  • Help to inform strategic decision-making and investments in Māori data infrastructure and resources.


  • Empower your leaders and teams to advance your organisation's Māori data maturity.

  • Get a roadmap for enhancing your organisation's Māori data capabilities, aligning initiatives with business objectives, and fostering a Māori data-driven culture.

  • Enhance your organisation's relationships with your Māori stakeholders.


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