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Māori Data Maturity Matrix


Welcome to Pāua Interface's Māori Data Maturity Matrix.


We invented the inaugural Māori Data Maturity Matrix.


  1. Do you want to move beyond just the principles and operationalise?

  2. Are you frustrated with the academic-only theory of it all?

  3. Do you want a proven, pragmatic approach based on real cases, supported by certified Māori, IT specialists who know the subject intimately?


Our Māori Data Maturity Matrix is built on two specialist competencies:


  1. Leadership in this space from years of working with Iwi and Māori organisations, government, and NGOs on data projects, years in the global Indigenous Data community, and international expertise.

  2. Deep ICT knowledge from more than two decades of technology and data projects and industry credibility in the IT sector. We know exactly what's under the hood of systems and data.


Both competencies easily take our Māori Data Maturity Matrix to the top of the bunch.

Our senior data and Māori advisors are culturally mature and also certified ICT professionals. We move seamlessly between the two worlds.


Its purpose


The purpose of the Māori Data Maturity Matrix is to help your organisation do better at supporting Māori to meet the outcomes that matter to them (and you) through excellent world-leading data practices.


Benefits to your organisation


  1. Relationship benefits: Be recognised for best data practice and enablement, and build fantastic relationships with your Iwi and Māori stakeholders.

  2. Functional benefits: Equip your people with the knowledge on how to move from a purely principles-based approach that no-one knows how to apply, to practical implementation across governance, systems, technical, policies, processes and people.

  3. Economic benefits: Save time and costs by embedding Māori data practices into your 'business as usual'. No more endless engagements with no outcomes. No more confusion.


What it is


The ori Data Maturity Matrix is an independent 'mana-enhancing' assessment that evaluates your organisation's end-to-end Māori data governance and operational capabilities, processes, and infrastructure.


It identifies the current level of effectiveness and identifies areas for improvement.


It includes:


  • Māori data governance

  • Māori data operations (practical)

  • Māori stakeholder engagement and enablement

  • Māori data quality

  • Māori data management infrastructure

  • Māori data architecture and integration

  • Analytics and reporting

  • Māori data strategy and vision

  • Māori data privacy and security

  • Māori data literacy and skills

  • Staff professional development

  • Benchmarking and performance

Who it is for

Pāua Interface's Māori Data Maturity Matrix is for organisations and their leaders seeking to:

  • Assess the status of their in-house Māori data capabilities and position.

  • Identify risk, priorities, and opportunities for improvement.

  • Embed good practices that are supported by Māori stakeholders.

  • Inform their strategic decision-making and investments in Māori data infrastructure and resources.


  • Your leaders and teams will be empowered to understand and advance your organisation's Māori data maturity.

  • A roadmap for enhancing your organisation's Māori data capabilities, aligning initiatives with business objectives.

  • Supported and guided relationships with your Iwi and Māori stakeholders and fostering a Māori data-driven culture.


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