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  • Virtual senior on-call IT specialist, CIO, senior IT project manager

  • Independent advisor, shadow coach

  • Ongoing strategic, project, monitoring and risk reduction focus

  • Dedicated specialist you can count on

  • Monthly deliverables, reporting

  • 12-months to 3 years subscription

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Ever wanted your own CIO, senior IT specialist or IT project manager that you can reach out to anytime? One phone call, text or email and you'll have a fast response with no fuss.


Perhaps your organisation is not ready to hire one full time, or recruitment is proving to be a challenge? Or maybe you'd prefer a team approach rather than a single person?

Paua will make an on-call senior IT expert available on an ongoing basis – they'll be part of your team – and we'll be in the background providing even more rigour for your organisation. In other words, you'll get the Paua team led by your own dedicated on-call expert.

Together, we'll agree the hours, deliverables, milestones and reporting regime – all based on what will give you peace of mind and what will help you meet your objectives. You won't have to delve into the technical stuff. Let us do that for you so you can focus on what matters in your business.

Your CIO will be an excellent communicator, responding quickly and appropriately so you're never left wondering what they're doing.

What can they do for you?

  1. Orientation and review. Your on-call CIO can review technology opportunities and bottlenecks in your organisation, identify mission-critical elements and risks, and give you a diagnosis.

  2. Day to day.They will work to a set of agreed actions and deliverables. They will help you with business cases, governance framework, technology project scoping, plan and implement systems, service levels and delivery, migration, procurement and investments. They can help reduce, eliminate or manage risks. Your on-call CIO will lead your technology initiatives with the increased professional input and influence that your organisation requires.

  3. Transformation. They can help you move to the next phase of your digital transformation. They may review your current state, and help you plan and prioritise your future state – and importantly, build a roadmap to get there.

  4. Collaboration. Your on-call CIO can help bring your team and stakeholders along ensuring a high-level of buy-in. The key to this is they will build the relationships and trust, creating an open and innovative environment.

  5. Engagement. Your on-call CIO will build relationships and trust. They will ensure engagement is compelling and results-focused. We also have consultants who are culturally mature with solid, lived experiences including in Māori and Pacific Peoples contexts. We have te reo Māori speakers and Pasifika team members should you need them.

  6. Manage diverse views. We have on-call CIO's who specialise in controversial topics and who know how to navigate the complex dynamics you may be experiencing. They will have your back.
  7. Report and present. We'll agree together on any outputs you need for your Board, funders, team and other stakeholders. This could be reports, documents, presentations, analysis, summary one-pagers, a website, or a combination of formats to suit your audiences.
  8. Recommendations. Finally, your on-call CIO will provide regular recommendations, present options and advantages, and help you move confidently forward.

How the subscription works

Our subscription service gives you guaranteed, predictable and consistent access to specialist support when you need it. Your on-call CIO will support you and your team, and we'll support them in the background with our wider team.

If you can anticipate IT specialist support hours over a year and a range of tasks, then this is the perfect way to secure our commitment and dedication to your organisation without the hassle of searching for and contracting services every time you need help.

The subscription is either a recurring monthly fee or an annual fee in advance. No hidden fees, everything up front and visible. The minimum subscription period is 12 months but can be up to three years. The minimum subscription fee is NZD$3,000 +gst per month in advance and you can cancel your subscription with 1 month's notice.

Not sure? Don't worry, we'll offer you an initial trial period of three months. This gives us time to orient to your business, develop the inside knowledge, and assess your longer term requirements. It gives you time to assess whether this service is right for your organisation.

Want to find out more? Contact us here.

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