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Building technology talent in organisations

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for 2023 Q4 Intake

You get a Course Bundle of 4 related short courses, a NZ based Coach, On-Point Tech Industry Skills and a Certificate.

This powerful 4-course bundle is the perfect combination of short courses to take your professionalism and knowledge to the next level

Course 1: Intro to Information Technology Governance & Leadership
Course 2: Essential Questions for Critical Information Technology Decisions
Course 3: A Māori Worldview on Information Technology Ethics
Course 4: Embedding Information Technology Governance in your Organisation

How much time: Each course takes around 2 hours of your time.

When: 2023, Q4 (dates to be confirmed)

Duration: 4 weeks (depending on how you pace your time)

Lesson hours: Est. 8 hours spread across 4 weeks (dependent on the learner)

Level: Beginner to intermediate

Coach available: Yes

Certificate: Yes

Places: 20

Fee: NZD $189 (normally $356)



A massive 37% of IT projects go over time, over budget, and fail to meet expected goals (PMI). This is often due to limited skills and experience with high-level decisions in organisations – decisions that matter. Small organisations without in-house strategic technology skills are particularly vulnerable (Ref Paua Interface)



TECH MASTERCLASS AOTEAROA aims to help small organisations reduce the risk of failure and the subsequent loss of investment, time, credibility and opportunity. The courses will equip them with skills to lead technology projects with more confidence.

It's Industry training - it's quick, no fluff - and is directly relevant to real-life industry technology decisions and projects that organisations face every day.


Whether you’re new to making strategic technology decisions or already have experience and want to develop further, this 4-course bundle is for you.

If you want real-life case studies to practise on, regular feedback, learnings you can apply straight away, to be better qualified in the job market, or simply to begin your personal technology leadership journey, then you are also in the right place.


You will learn how to reduce the risks and optimise the benefits in all your technology decisions. I’ll teach you the basic knowledge, techniques and approaches to help you get more confident when making high-level technology decisions your organisation.

Course 1: Intro to Information Technology Governance & Leadership

Learn what Information Technology Governance is (and isn’t). Get to know the foundation elements of good IT governance. And learn how it can lead to decisions that help support and protect your technology investments and reputation.

Course 2: Essential Questions for Critical Information Technology Decisions

Utilising real-life case studies, learn the essential questions to ask about any technology projects and learn what to expect before making your critical technology decisions.

Course 3: A Māori Worldview on Information Technology Ethics

How might a Māori worldview come into Information Technology Governance. We'll share a worldview that we've discovered Māori organisations incorporate, and their top 5 concepts. You'll define your own and we'll help you apply them.

Course 4: Embedding Information Technology Governance in your Organisation

How can you integrate what you've learned about Information Technology Governance into your organisation? You’ll get tools to help you embed your learnings to get the best value for your organisation.​



It's not always easy to talk about one's credibility is it, but the discerning student will want to know who's delivering a course they're considering. So here we go.


My name is Robyn Kamira. I'm a seasoned technology consultant who’s delivered 100’s of IT projects through my company Paua Interface. I hold a degree in Computer Science, and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Information Systems. I'm Dep. President of national tech industry organisation Institute of IT Professionals and advise on various Government-level Technology Boards and Advisory groups. I've helped Trusts, Marae, Businesses, Wananga, Universities, Government Ministries and others deliver and troubleshoot countless IT projects for over 20 years.


Check out my LinkedIn profile here:


I can't wait to help you achieve your information technology goals so you can make a big difference in your organisations. On one hand, I don't think it's rocket-science but on the other, it does take eagle-eyed focus and discipline – and a series of well-considered industry-led short courses might be just the thing!


So tell me, are you ready to take it up a notch with my help? If so, pre-register now for our 2023, Q4 waitlist.


Yours, ngā mihi o te wā, nāku nā,


Robyn Kamira

Te Rarawa, Te Aupōuri, Ngāpuhi nui tonu, Tai Tokerau whānui.

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2023, Q4 COURSES

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