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  • Māori data and information

  • Discrete data & digital project

  • Strategy, ISSP, roadmaps

  • Complex and critical project

  • Design, build, implement, manage
  • Engagement with your stakeholders

  • Specific deliverables

  • Fixed budget

  • Fixed delivery date

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Paua will help you figure out the best technology pathway for your organisation – whether it's a strategy, an IT project, an implementation, or something else. We start wherever you are along your pathway and help you get clear on where you need to head next.

What's the process?

  1. Orientation and diagnosis. We listen to your requirements and read your brief. We explore your challenges and help you refine your diagnosis and the problems you want to solve or the improvements you want to make.

  2. Research. We research your sector and the topic. We listen to your experts. We ensure we're current and on point.

  3. Contracting. We agree with you the technology solution, tasks, deliverables, timeframes, budget, lines of communication and team.

  4. Collaboration. We bring your team and stakeholders with us. We collaborate and engage authentically using one-on-one discussions with your key informants, co-design and/or wānanga workshops, or any other method you prefer. Your team and stakeholders are heard and supported all the way. We listen to hard conversations and find solutions.

  5. Being on time. We tightly manage deadlines and milestones, sending drafts and regular progress reports. We identify risks and help reduce or eliminate them. We gather specific feedback and respond in a timely manner. We are excellent communicators, responding quickly and appropriately so you're never left wondering what we're doing.
  6. Engagement. We value relationships and build trust. We work face to face or online – and when online, we walk alongside your team and stakeholders no matter their technical abilities, and ensure engagement is compelling and results-focused. We are culturally mature with solid, lived experiences including in Māori and Pacific Peoples contexts. We have te reo Māori speakers and Pasifika team members.
  7. Managing diverse views. We specialise in controversial topics and can help you navigate the complex dynamics you may be experiencing within your project and sector.
  8. Completion and presenting. We agree on how you'd like to present the final outputs to your Board, funders, team and other stakeholders. This could be documents, presentations, summary one-pagers, a website, or a combination of formats to suit your audiences.
  9. Recommendations. Finally, we complete the process with a set of recommendations to help you move confidently to your next stage.

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