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Our Story

Paua Interface Ltd was established in '91 when hi-tech meant the sound of a dialup modem (oh yes you should click that link if you were born after 1990). The World Wide Web had turned 1 year old and was barely crawling.

Twenty something years later, Paua is a little more grown up with a bunch of exciting projects in the hi-tech sector to inspire.

Our Vision

It's where information and technology touch the lives of people and communities. It's what we care about and it drives us to do stuff.

We screen all our projects and ask "what difference does it make in the world". We ask (1) has it got a big purpose? (2) can it be achieved? (3) can the people who are involved make it happen? (4) can it attract the right level of funds?

Our Projects

Paua is involved in the New Zealand Hi-Tech Awards and the TIN100 Report, both showcasing our top tech companies, is assisting the Maori Spectrum telecommunications project, helping a Māori health promotion agency go digital, and writing the Mitimiti on the Grid White Paper Series on how a remote marae community got mobile coverage and fibre infrastructure, and learnings. 

Tell us

Tell us about your project in four points:

  1. What is your project

  2. Who does it serve

  3. What's your biggest challenge

  4. Who are you and your team

Keep it short and to the point. Tell us about it here and we'll be in touch.

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