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The smartest way to get tech stuff done.

100% Aotearoa, New Zealand owned, because context is everything.

What we do

What we do

We help you deliver tech strategy and projects efficiently, reduce costs and risks, and get your outcomes.

Premium IT consulting

Solve big issues, stay current and fit for purpose.


We show your organisation the way forward and work hard to ensure your topmost decision-makers – your Board, senior leadership team, and Ministers – come along for the journey.


We do data and digital strategies, projects, governance, operations, reports, analysis, audits, reviews, evaluation, roadmaps, stakeholder engagement.

Any tech project can be augmented by a well-developed Māori data and systems approach adding extra value to your programmes and projects.


Managed services

Our dedicated team will take care of your tech requirements.


Choose anything below (like a menu), and we'll create a package that our team will deliver, so you can focus on your business.


Topics include:

Technical admin for any of your platforms, tools and websites, Cloud, Cyber security, Data, Digital, Jurisdiction, Māori data, Policies, Privacy, Risk, Training, Workshops – and we can easily add a Māori data and digital approach to anything.

Research and data

Know and stay ahead of your industry.


We do State of the sector reports for any sector – tech, energy, primary sector, manufacturing, education, health, and more.


We build interactive online maps so you can show your people and customers who you are, what you do, and why it matters.

We can also embed any research or report with well-developed Māori content and analysis approach that adds extra insights and depth.


Our vision

A world where technology is a powerful and positive force for all peoples and our planet.

Our mission

To use the power of technology to give our customers the ability to solve their biggest challenges.

Our values

Authenticity  |  Tūturu  |  We bring our true selves
Bravery  | 
Maia  |  We go to uncharted territory
Manawa reka  |  We love learning
Integrity  | 
Tika  |  We do what is right
Leadership  | 
Rangatiratanga  |  We lead and serve
Mastery  | 
Matatau  |  We are smart
Vigilance  | 
Mataara  |  We stay alert

paua shell 2022.jpg

Our story

The 'pāua' is a southern Pacific abalone unique to Aotearoa/New Zealand and has a notably iridescent inner shell, aptly capturing the idea of diversity and the company's foundational value system.

Paua Interface Ltd ('Pāua') was founded in '92 as a small sole trade by Robyn Kamira when connectivity meant the sound of a dialup modem and the World Wide Web was barely crawling. It was registered as ua Interface in 2002.

The company is purpose-led and balances its commercial goals, while achieving wider social and cultural outcomes.

Business Plan_edited.jpg

Who we serve

Pāua helps clients with their big questions by being solutions-focused and relentless.

We serve Government, Corporate, NGO, Iwi, Maori, Councils with technology guidance and direction that help them in their sectors:

  • Economic development

  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Hi-tech

  • Manufacturing

  • Primary sector

  • Telecommunications

We also support organisations without in-house IT capability:

We help organisations with their key IT investment decisions – providing a robust process including writing their request for proposals or quotes, assessing the responses, providing decision-making matrixes, and attending their interview panels.

girl laptop yellow_edited.jpg

Sample projects

Toi Hangarau State of the Sector report – The first data-driven annual report on 72 Māori-owned tech companies including deep dives into founder experiences and what makes their companies sustainable. Released in Feb '23, this report is free to everyone, Read it now.

Te Pūkenga | NZ Institute of Skills and Technology – creating a digital strategy and ISSP (Information Systems Strategic Plan) for NZ's largest tertiary provider with 250,000 students.

UAV (drone) technologies – spearheaded Incredible Skies' for AI and mathematical modelling to identify objects in airspace.

Interim Māori Spectrum Commission – strategy, negotiations, legislation, and a unique Spectrum Innovation Platform for telecommunications projects using private 5G networks.

Business Meeting_edited.jpg

First we listen.

We'll ask about your challenges and expectations before we recommend a technology approach, team and quote.

We engage, collaborate, wānanga-codesign

We walk alongside your team and stakeholders and help you shape a technology solution that gets results.

We're communicative and responsive

We check in regularly to ensure we're on the same page and responding to your priorities even as they shift.


We're determined and relentless deliverers

The mantra that IT projects are typically over-budget and late means either something in the project management went wrong, or an external factor interfered with your goals. We are proud of our 100% track record of successful projects.

Here's what we typically hear from clients and what you can also expect.

"Your consultant was familiar with our sector and our stakeholders, and had networks to call on, adding huge value to our project."

"I appreciated that the team checked in frequently to ensure we were all on the same page throughout the project."

"Our Paua consultant was completely invested in our purpose and went above and beyond to make it happen."

Business People Applauding

Our clients rely on our deep industry knowledge, strong industry, government, Iwi and community networks, and good communication.


Pāua brings the right people, right skills for right outcomes.


Pāua's senior industry professionals are your trusted tour guides helping save costs, gain efficiencies, and navigate complex technical solutions.


They'll guide you through simple tasks or complex digital roadmaps, solutions and strategies – and help to optimise and de-risk your technology investments.


Pāua CEO Robyn Kamira says, "Our clients need a fit-for-purpose team – experienced and competent people – who will deliver exactly what they need – nothing less."

Pāua assigns specialists to lead projects so tasks are well-guided and on point. Team members monitor global industry trends regularly, and collaborate to inform, challenge and augment their collective thinking for every project.


Bland is not in our vocabulary – only excellent results and outcomes.

Pāua only employs highly motivated people who want to support interesting projects with a purpose. Projects like yours. They're here to help you change the world.

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